For the Love of Pineapples – Explaining the Popularity of Pineapples in Fashion & Culture

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Pineapples aren’t exactly new to fashion.

For eons, the fruit was used in architecture, style and cuisine, and were considered to be a sign of luxury, beauty and riches.

Why, you may ask?

Early Love of Pineapple

The story of pineapples goes back to the times of Christopher Columbus, who brought back this exotic, tart fruit from the Native Indies.

So sweet and fresh was this fruit, that in a time when fresh fruit was rare, the pineapple was instantly dubbed as the fruit of the Kings. This meant that by whatever means necessary, the fruit would have to make it to the King’s dining table, which it did!

During that time, King Charles II even posed for a painting with a pineapple, depicting him receiving the pineapple as a gift. And thus, the tropical fruit was cemented in history as the ideal symbol of royal privilege.

Tales across the World

While the Europeans enjoyed the pineapple as just an exclusive treat, people in American Colonies dubbed it as the fruit of hospitality. Especially in rural settlements and colonies, pineapples were gifted when people visited each other’s homes—visiting was their means of entertainment.

Extra Popularity

The pineapple proved to be a difficult fruit to grow in the European region, which meant that ships from the Caribbean would travel with pineapples in stock. This made the fruit even more expensive and harder to obtain. And that helped make it even more exclusive to the elites who could pay for the faster ships to bring it to them faster.

However, since almost everyone wanted to jump on the pineapple bandwagon, local confectionary stores started renting out their precious pineapples, mostly for show. Seeing a pineapple at a feast indicated hospitality, it did a lot in terms of expressing the host’s wealth, along with their warmth and good vibes.

Symbolizing the Happiness of the Pineapple

In all, the pineapple was a general symbol of good will and good cheer.

As such, people who couldn’t buy pineapples decided that its look would suit instead. Pineapples started getting incorporated in fashion. As you would associate a sunflower with positivity, the pineapple became associated with it as well.

For interior designers and fashionistas, it helped that because of its unusual shape and texture, the pineapple had the unique quality of naturally blending in with even the most complex styles, whether it was minimalist or Victorian traditional.

People who are aware of pineapples’ appeal know how to incorporate this exotic fruit in their decoration, in every season and in different items. This gorgeous pineapple centerpiece during Christmas season demonstrates the fruit´s natural royalty, its versatility and charm. A true lover and dedicated fan of the fruit, @lavender_garden_lover has captured in her home décor the antique glamour of pineapples, and their modern role in culture and fashion.

Her Christmas decoration with pineapples amazes. This fruit that has been highly regarded through history will continue having an special place in our lives and homes.

Pineapple Christmas Tree

Have a Slice of that ol’ Pineapple!

In today’s world, pineapples are considered a modernistic symbol of happiness and good health. And for the pineapple lovers among us, that’s just one more reason why it’s even more perfect!

So add it in your surroundings!

Get yourself some pineapple sculpturespineapple decals, wall art, for some classy home décor, buy pineapple clothing and flaunt your love for the fruit. The pineapple is a symbol of good cheer. Add some of that positive symbolism in your life!

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