Good vibes from Pineapples: for a happy and healthy life!

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Have you ever asked yourself why the phrase GOOD VIBES goes hand in hand with Pineapples? just by saying it we think about Pineapples!

First of all we confessed our Love for Pineapples and if you are reading this is because we share that passion.

You know as we do that ¨there is something about Pineapples¨ something that makes us FEEL GOOD!

We think it starts with her Image... Yes, we think there is a natural mystery in the Pineapple´s image and shape that transmits those GOOD VIBES, there is something in their green crown and yellow sunny shape, their sweet perfume that when we contemplate them... they transport us to those tropical landscapes of white sand and crystal water, of limpid sky and high up Sun and that sensation makes us feel GOOD...

we can feel Pineapples healing and empowering properties

Many people that spontaneously has this attraction for Pineapples and suddenly wants to collect everything that has its shape is maybe because unconsciously knows that Pineapples bring that feeling of happiness and can transport them to healthier state.

A lot of people knows this effect and you can see them when come across on the web with them: CRAZY PINEAPPLE FANATICS just like us! Specially on Instagram where you can find us sharing wonderful photos with the most varied objects with her shape:

 lovely photo on @hazeleyes_04 IG account

And YES, WE HAVE SAID: HEALING! Pineapples can heal us internally, they are a wonderful natural medicine and people who suffer depression have stated a feeling of relief when they have been contemplating the image of Pineapples and also by eating them, in fact there is scientific research about depression relief by eating Pineapples.

This relief is just like when we are in the presence of a person that transmit calmness and harmony, we can experiment the same effect in the presence of Pineapples

be it the fruit or any object with its shape or image, we definitely can get in touch with that energy and those vibes comfort us

Pineapples can even change the atmosphere of a place: a room, the garden, the whole house... they can be transform with its energies and vibes! It is like a type of cleansing, places are cleaned by those energies and GOOD VIBES


Pineapple presence brings peace to those who surround her, so we can see why Pineapple is the symbol of Hospitality 

So, if you are reading this but have not developed that strong passion for Pineapples maybe you feel the pull of attraction and you are curious about it... open yourself to that wonderful shape and image and start decorating your house and wearing objects or clothes with it and you will experiment what we are talking about!

Well, I hope these few words can express why we think that GOOD VIBES is a phrase that goes so well with Pineapples

It would be wonderful if you can tell us your experience, we know you can share very interesting stories, specially if you are a fan like us!

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