Pineapple´s colors and their effect on us: Pink

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Welcome to our second post on Pineapples´s colors if you lost the last post read it here and let us know what you think in the comments
First of all, you may ask what can be so interesting about pineapple´s colors?
Well, all nature is magical, if you´re open to the experience! So, pineapples are magical too
We are convinced that pineapples have a strong magnetic power on people,
is it the shape? is it the aroma? is it the color?... we can´t say for sure! but definitely there is something really special about pineapples... and find out this special thing of pineapples is the main objective of our blog posts
This time , we have chosen to talk of its colors and try to find out what the
colors yellow, pink and green transmit to us.
Pink is the color of the Aurora, this precious moment when dawn brings light
to all livings and spread the mists of night, announcing the day that begins.
Pink is the color of the iconic Sakura´s (cherry blossoms)
flower that blankets Japan in soft colorful splendor during springtime.
japan sakura cherry blossoms soft pink
Cherry Blossoms in bloom
Pink is all over nature and it is also one of the pineapple colors when the fruit is ripe. Most of fruits unfold gorgeous colors when they are fully developed.
We can barely contain our relish in front of a ripen Pineapple, its skin shows amazing colors: yellow, pink and maybe a few green tones... 
But since 2005 we can also eat the Rosé Pineapple, it is the famous pineapple
that is pink in the inside and outside, a new variant of pineapple developed
by Del Monte which has a pinker and sweeter flesh. Rosé pineapples will be
grown in Costa Rica.
Rosé Pineapples
After mentioning some experiences with pink, we can ask ourselves how does pink make us feel? It is usually accepted that pink make us think of love, romance and tenderness; also that it has a calming effect on people. But the way it is experience depend greatly on culture and context, being more a personal insight.
I.e. how do you feel watching this baby pink pineapples? please leave your
It is obvious that pineapples and pink go along very well including the millennial pink among other pink tones. Pineapple lovers look for this combination and it can find in fashion, photography and art as our dear Artist friend from Australia @linzicarter  has incorporated pink pineapples in her Art
@linzicarterart pineapple mural
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Thanks for reading!!!
We hope you find something of your interest in this post
Please leave your comments and let´s share what we all feel
about this amazing fruit!
and remember your not alone:
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Once you are under the spell you will never go away
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