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Pineapple Spark is owned and operated by LIFE enthusiasts! We embrace Pineapples as symbol of Life, Happiness and Positive Energies

With this in mind, we created Pineapple Spark to be the store where people can get beautiful and good quality items with pineapple magnetic shape or pattern on

One of our main motivations was regarding how pleasant and beautiful Pineapple presence is. You can see people (Pineapple Lovers maybe) sharing pineapple selfies, pineapple quotes or wearing pineapple clothing (this fashion go from children, women, men and even lovely pets) and the pineapple community is growing everyday as there is more and more people sharing this same feeling: that pineapples transmit positive vibes and energies! Visit our Instagram to share

That is why we want to have pineapples around... whether it is a t-shirt, necklace, dress or art, pineapples are welcome in our everyday life

This feeling is absolutely natural because pineapples are symbol of hospitality in american tradition.

Of course, pineapples are symbol of tropical and island vibes too. When you look at a pineapple is easy to think of Hawaii and the Maui Golden Pineapple. This sweet fruit can transport you to paradise easily... 

All these thinking and feelings led us to further commitment with the Pineapple Community and Life Enthusiasts, giving birth to Pineapple Spark.. a store created and managed with love!

In Pineapple Spark you can find great items to fulfill your pineapple cravings!

We also share our thoughts and feelings in our blog, read it and leave your comments! And don´t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter.

We love to have you here and we are really looking forward to have a long-term friendship with you!

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